The Sam Blog

It is about things Sam likes. I like gaming, lots of tv shows, I spend most of my time indoors. I am asexual and a druid and have a girlfriend. I am also Papa Kitty.



1+1 = Ed

The episode where they all became self aware

(via dr0pped-life)

I’m back!

I am now back at home, but part of the catch of me being back is I am not allowed contact with my girlfriend :c if I contact her I will be brought back… :c I am very upset about this, but hopefully after my next court date I’ll be allowed contact again.

For the first time today and saw something i was actually proud to be, I looked in the mirror and thought, damn, I finally look acceptable.

If you found your maker’s bag of bones

and learned the secrets of your smart phones,

would you cast them out and immolate,
or devour your laptop and assimilate?

Umbilical extension cords in the offspring birth

trumpets the progress omen of our future mirth
The chimera machinations create tech manticores,

ushering in a new age of the Mecto Amore

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